NARS ‘Makeup Your Mind’ Launches & Celebs Come Out To Party

Rachel Adler
NARS ‘Makeup Your Mind’ Launches & Celebs Come Out To Party
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Francois Nars celebrated the launch of his new book, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself last night among friends. Those friends included the likes of Martha Stewart, Alexa Chung, Grace Coddington, Calvin Klein and Simon Doonan to name just a few.

StyleCaster editor Alyssa Vingan chatted with Nars himself at the event, who told her that working with the “real people” for the book was great. “They were extremely professional and extremely sweet. They were amazing, they were actually as professional as real models.” If you didn’t know, Nars’ latest book showcases real women and their “before” and “after” diagrams to teach women how to work with different makeup looks, as opposed to the looks just being featured on gorgeous models with perfect bone structure.

Nars also added that the best beauty accessory for a quick morning makeup routine is the multiple stick, saying that “you can do your makeup in two minutes.” If you have extra time, he also advises, “Mascara always, and lipstick of maybe a lip gloss.” And of course, Vingan couldn’t resist asking about the legendary product names, in which Nars replied that his inspiration comes from “Whatever inspires me. It could be an island, it could be traveling, It can be many, many different things.”

Which simply brings us to the question, what inspired him to name the Orgasm products? I guess we’ll have to get that answered another day…

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