NARS Adds Lip Balm and Other Products to Its ‘Orgasm’ Collection

NARS Adds Lip Balm and Other Products to Its ‘Orgasm’ Collection
Photo: ImaxTree

Even if you’ve never tried it, NARS “Orgasm” blush is a beauty product you’ve at least heard name-dropped in songs (like Drake’s “Fancy”) and Sephora reviews. Its shimmery, peachy pink shade is a tried-and-true option that works on virtually all skin tones and it’s been a best-seller since it first launched in 1999.

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So much so, that after years of begging and pleading from consumers, the brand finally delivered more “Orgasm” products–a lipstick and liquid blush–last year. And now, there’s more pink and gold goodness for us to obsess over. Starting today, you can shop three new products, all made with that iconic pink shade: the Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm, Orgasm Illuminating Loose Powder and Limited-Edition Orgasm Blush.

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According to early reviews, the lip balm is a standout- thanks to its non-greasy formula that adds just a hint of natural-looking color and ample hydration to the lips. The only downside is that you’ll need to swipe through NARS’ Instagram Stories to access the buy link, which takes you to Sephora’s mobile page. Until then, we’ll be waiting (impatiently) for it to officially land on the brand’s website.