Beauty Buzz: NARS Is Launching Temporary Tattoos, Yoga in the Snow, More

Rachel Adler
Courtesy of NARS

Courtesy of NARS

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1. NARS is launching temporary tattoos in their Last Resort collection – so basically even Francois Nars has gotten on board with Flash Tattoos. [Press Release]

2. Cleansing waters have become so trendy as of late – but can they replace good, old fashioned soap and water? [Daily Makeover]

3. Pros share their best makeup tips and tricks – like rubbing Lucas Paw Paw ointment into your eyelashes when you’d rather skip the mascara. [Byrdie]

4. Learn how to strategically grow out your eyebrows, so you don’t look like a hot mess in between. [The Cut]

5. You’ve heard of hot yoga of course, but now cold yoga is a thing. Yoga in the snow, to be precise. [StyleCaster]

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