Game Changer: The Holy Grail of Eyeshadow Primers

Rachel Krause


In our new series, Game Changer, we’re highlighting products that are so good, they are having a significant effect on our beauty routines. 

Who knew that “oily eyelids” was a beauty problem a person could have? I didn’t know why my eye makeup, whether it was powder shadow, cream, or liner, invariably creased after just minutes of wear, no matter what I did, until I started writing about beauty. It was soon thereafter that I realized that eye primers existed for a reason and that none of said primers seemed to work for my unusually oily lids. It was only after I tried NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base ($25, that I was able to explore a world beyond creased smoky eyes and mascara smudged all the way up to my brow bone.

While many eye primers go on super-silky, I think the secret to this formula is that it’s almost like a liquid powder. It dries quickly to a translucent matte finish with no slip, and then anything applied on top of it just… stays. I’m not a scientist, but my guess would that it absorbs oil, so that whole “oily eyelids” concept? A thing of the past—goodbye and good riddance, thanks to this failproof base.

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