NARS Celebrates Its 15th Beautiful Year


When the temperature cools and the sun dims, we must (reluctantly) face the reality that the summer, which once seemed it would last forever, like all good things, must come to an end.

If fall means removing our Ray Bans soon, at least NARS’ color collection for fall (a palette of deep hues and shimmering highlights) actually makes us too excited to show our faces.

The six piece set includes four new eyeshadows, one lipstick, and one nail color. The shadow combinations range from golden yellows and blueish-grays to creamy pinks. An additional single color palette (espresso brown speckled with gold and brown accents) pairs nicely with each duo and creates depth when layering.

Deep plum represents the season’s choice for lips. This dark color wears great with any of the statement shadows. Lightly sweep across lips for subtle color while really playing up the navy and gold around your eyes. You can also coat lips fully and match with light brown and cream eyeshadows for a perfect autumnal blend.

Pair all looks with gold-dusted purple nails, inspired by and named after Japan’s most traveled railway — The Tokaido Express.

NARS’ 2009 Fall Collection proves that although beautiful weather may be seasonal, beautiful makeup happens year-round.

NARS nail duo eyeshadow (in all colors), $32, at

NARS mekong single eyeshadow, $22, at

NARS fast ride express lipstick, $24, at

NARS tokaido express, $16, at

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