Remember sitting in science class and thinking you didn’t have – and would never have – anything in common with those science nerds? Well, nanotechnology is proving you wrong. In bridging the gap between science and beauty, nanotechnology, the study and development of materials and products 100 nanometers or smaller (one nanometer is one billionth of a meter!), has revolutionized your beauty products, making them more effective and easier to use. In shrinking the particle size of everything from antioxidants to collagen, skin care products are now able to permeate the skin barrier – actually allowing the active ingredients to go into your skin, rather than having them merely sit on the surface. The result: beauty products that not only include infinitely smaller ingredients, but also are infinitely more effective. Gives you a newfound appreciation for science, huh?

1. Light reflecting particles in this powder give a natural yet finished look for luminous skin. Although it only comes in one shade, with barely-there color, this powder works on any skin tone.
Serge Lutens Blusher, $160, at

3. Silver is known for its anti-bacterial and healing properties and now its benefits can easily be integrated into your skin care routine. Just lather up with this bar to clean, even skin tone, reduce wrinkles, moisturize, protect against UV damage, and increase collagen production.
Cor Silver Soap, $125, at

3. With zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and mica vitamins A and E, makeup from Colorescience truly is good for your skin. This slightly incandescent powder has the perfect amount of shimmer to conceal wrinkles and give your face a natural glow.
Colorescience, $45, at

4. 24-karat nanoparticles not only have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties but also stimulate collagen and moisture to give you a luminous golden glow. 
Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream, $420, at

5. Utilizing nanotechnology in conjunction with a breakthrough age-inhibitor complex featuring Fullerene, which is Dr. Brandt’s exclusive anti-aging ingredient, this cream may, in fact, be as close as science can take us to the fountain of youth.
Dr. Brandt Lineless Cream, $100, at

6. This cool gel uses nanoparticles of hyaluronic acid, which are vital in retaining moisture to delivering hyaluronic acid below the skin barrier. Plus, with ZERO oil or pore-clogging ingredients, it is ideal for oily or combination skin. 
Forlle’d Hyalogy P-Effect Reliance Gel, $72, only available through a medical professional, see for more information

7. For the ultimate luxury in nanotechnology enhanced beauty products BioNova offers products customized to your skin’s specific needs and what you hope to accomplish. After filling out a very detailed survey on their website BioNova creates a product just for you.
BioNova, price varies based on customization, at

8. When is a foundation more that just a foundation? Not only does unique prismatic nano-powder hide pores and illuminate the skin, but also it is designed to moistures dry skin and give a matte finish to oilier patches, making it ideal for those with combination skin.
Shiseido The Makeup Dual Balancing Foundation SPF 17, $37.50, at

9. With nano-particles of zinc-oxide you can say goodbye to sun block that leaves your skin pasty white yet still ream all the benefits your white-nosed lifeguard was hoping for. Consumer Reports even picked it as the most effective non-waterproof sun block for UVA and UVB.
Keys Solar RX Therapeutic Sun Block, SPF 30, $29.50, at

10. What anti-aging products are for your skin, Pureology’s Nano Works Luxury System is for your hair. This line, which includes a restorative treatment as well as a hair masque in addition to shampoo and conditioner, uses “micro-emulsion technology,” allowing their products to penetrate into your hair.
Pureology Nano Works Luxury System, Shampoo and Conditioner $50, at