15 Nail Designs We’ll Never Be Able To Do

Brittany Irvine
15 Nail Designs We’ll Never Be Able To Do
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While tutorials can sometimes be a world of help, when it comes to nail art, there’s a lot of room for improvement. With makeup, we can use our dominant hand to apply the entire look. With nails, though, we’ve only got our dominant hand half of the time.

Scrolling on Pinterest and our favorite nail art blogs, we come across a ton of manicures that we’d love to try at home, but we just know that we’d need to call in a professional to recreate most of the amazing designs. It’s admirable to try and recreate some of the magic on your nails, but many manicures (like the 15 above) require a level of experience that we just don’t have. Take a peek at some of the most intimidating nail designs we’ve seen, and if you dare try them yourselves, send us a picture by tagging @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #NailCall for the chance to be featured on our site!

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These nails are fit for a queen, and though we're worthy, we'll leave this one to the professionals. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: SoNailicious

Get your boots ready, because sweater weather is almost here. Though we love this chilly weather-inspired manicure, we'd never be able to recreate this design design on our nails.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Nails By Coewless

We've seen the peacock pattern in clothing and it was cute. We've seen it in hair accessories and it was okay. Here we see it on nails and we can't get enough. Sadly, even if we could recreate this with our dominant hand, we'd never be able to make both hands match. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Nail Art Gallery

Under the Sea makes for a fun manicure theme, but would we ever be able to pull of a recreation of an entire octopus? Not likely. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Ink 361

Though this metallic paint drip manicure looks simple, the replication is simpler said than done. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Spifster

Black and gold is so our style, but this manicure requires more technique than meets the eye. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Trophy Wife Nail Art

Oh how sweet it would be for us to try and recreate this one.  Lollipops on our nails? Awesome. Achievable? Most likely not. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Love It So Much

A far out manicure made with foil takes at least an hour per hand, a level of patience we don't possess. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: F Yeah Pretty Nails

Most floral manicures look possibly doable but this one is on another level entirely. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Aquaayame

The sugar skull may look cute, but the amount of work this takes is just deadly. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Hannah Rox Nails

We're obsessed with this picture nail art, but we know there's zero possibility of our hands holding this steady. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Jubileeline

Starry Starry Night in the nail art form is impressive, and we're 100 percent sure that our version would look more like a dull night than a starry one. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Aleidapinon

Although the neon accents are simple, the intricate black and white floral pattern requires a high experience level. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Anditakesphotos

We love some good floral nail art, and this black background is especially unique on this one. While these roses are beautiful, we don't nearly have the motor skills to replicate this one. 

Image via Instagram

Photo: Instagram/Instagram

Graffiti nail are that pulls in ombre and neon colors? We love looking at it, but we're sure we couldn't paint this. 

Image via Instagram

Photo: Instagram/Instagram

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