Nailing it


Back when I was a Junior in high school I decided to get acrylic nails put on for the prom. I went to the local nail place and got fake talons put on and then had them painted silver. To match my shoes. And my eye shadow.

Now back in 1998 I thought I was the bees knees. However since the ’98 junior prom my nails have never recovered from the acrylics. They are super weak, and they peel and split. I get weekly manicures and I even stopped biting my nails but they are still in such bad shape.

I’ve tried every base coat, nail treatment and oil you can imagine. Then one day I was pimping around at Sephora on Lexington between 57th & 58th and happened upon the Sepohra by OPI Nail Treatment Strengthener. I had used the Sephora by OPI colors and thought that trying the strengthener couldn’t hurt.
I put it on my bare nails that night and just kept applying a fresh coat every day when I got home from work.

When I tell you that my nail strength improved dramatically I am not exaggerating. My nails went from weak and prone to splitting to super hard
I absolutely recommend this product if you have weak nails or if you have nice hard nails and want to maintain them.

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Sephora by OPI Nail strengthener $9

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