Nail Tools To Make Your Home Manicure a Little Easier

Jaclyn Sciara
Nail Tools To Make Your Home Manicure a Little Easier
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When doing an at-home manicure, it can be seriously difficult to get it done as well as the pros. Whether you’re messing up the polish, you have an uneven nail, or your cuticles are straight up gross, you wonder how the professionals even do it at all. Well, we have put together the perfect bundle of nail goodies to have in a nail kit at home to get your nails looking just as awesome as they do.

From files, cuticle pushers, cuticle cream, corrective pens and more,  your nails are going to be picture perfect. These tools will make manicures at home a breeze and they will save you money from pricey salons!  Flip through the slideshow and get your nails ready.

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Giving yourself a manicure at home? Don't even start without these tools. 

A nail file and buffer is a necessity to any nail kit.

Deborah Lippmann Buffer and File $12,

A good cuticle oil is key to having good nails, it all starts at the roots.

Lush Lemmony Flutter Cuticle Cream $16.95,

After moisturizing your cuticles be sure to clip away any excess cuticles that are too long for your nails to look polished.

Professional Cuticle Clipper $3.25,

A dotting tool is the ticket to nail art.  You can create countless amount of looks with one simple tool!

Nail Dotter $3.00,

A nail corrector pen will help you clean up all of those little pesky mistakes made when doing your own nails.

Nail Corrector Pen $8,

Create a longer looking nail by pushing your cuticle's back with this nifty little tool.

Cuticle Pusher $1.25,

Dip a small brush into nail polish remover and brush along the edges of your nails, to brush up any mistakes and to help create a polished edge.

Small Touch Up Brush $3.92,

To keep nails even and trimmed, be sure to buy a good clipper.

Tweezerman Deluxe Nail Clipper $10.00,

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