Want a Better Manicure? Give Nail Decals Another Chance

Victoria Moorhouse
Courtesy of Nails Inc.

Courtesy of Nails Inc.

As a kid who didn’t have the patience for arts and crafts, all DIY nail art attempts were messy, sloppy, or totally disastrous. Luckily, nail decals – those little stickers or gems you apply to a portion of your nail – came to my rescue. The coolest of these, in my ’90s childhood opinion, were bejeweled hearts, smiley faces, and mini peace signs that I could jazz up my pink peel-off polish with. I remember being particularly stoked about the fact that I was capable of such an elaborate manicure, having zero artistic ability.

While today I keep it simple with two coats of nude, I’m still a lover of those little packs of stickers for the very same reason. You can get fancy, intricate manicures without being a pro. Hell, all you really have to do is apply a sticker. Lucky for me, they’re making a modern-day comeback with the launch of Nails Inc.’s “Fash Tattoos.”

Coincidentally, they look just like the temporary tattoos you wear all over your bod at concerts. They’re simply gold metallic decals that you can put over any lacquer. Packaged in a kit of 250 individual stickers for $12, the designs range from tiny hearts to arrows to, my personal favorite, teeny tiny pineapples. They’re very dainty, so they end up making your mani look really feminine. Pair ’em with a few Catbird rings and you can call yourself a hand model.

Tattoo Hand Shot2

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It takes all of a few minutes to do, and they don’t budge as long as you apply a top coat. My nail polish actually started to chip before the decals even began to peel off. Mixing and matching them is kind of addicting, and at times I’ve gone overboard, applying multiple stickers to each fingernail. In those situations, I’ve learned they come off easily with remover.

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Since they’re way more user-friendly than a paintbrush, I’m going to give all my other DIY tries a rest (still struggling) and stick with these for a bit. Or at least until I can figure out another way to make my nails look this profesh.