The Best Nail Polish Hue to Match Your Zodiac Sign

Mia Maguire
The Best Nail Polish Hue to Match Your Zodiac Sign
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If you’re like me, and anxiously await the big reveal of your horoscope each month, week or even day, you probably find astrology to serve as a comforting guide on how to navigate whatever’s in store for the future, as you move through life’s inherent uncertainties (…not to mention this year’s seemingly endless series of retrogrades, ugh.) If you regard your star sign’s astrological forecasts as a kind of co-pilot that steers you away from making bad decisions, signing contracts at the wrong time, and a warning for upcoming emotional outbursts (*raising my hand*), astrology probably influences your signature style and beauty preferences as well.

As a Gemini, my sign is notoriously bad at making final decisions—or decisions of any kind, for that matter—and this inherent indecisiveness certainly makes an appearance every time I’m faced with the pressing challenge of having to pick out a nail color at the salon for my weekly manicure. So, if you need a little extra assistance in this arena as well, (or just want some celestial inspo) I decided to track down the best nail polish color for each zodiac sign this season, so you can forgo the oscillation at the salon and let the stars decide for you.

Just like your zodiac sign, your manicure also says a lot about who you are, whether you tend to stick to an infinitely versatile nude hue (or the recently resurrected aughts-inspired french manicure) or prefer a glam mani-pedi with a punchy pop of color and glitter embellishments. In fact, the nail polish shades we find ourselves continually attracted to may actually be rooted in the cosmos, according to some astrologers. Certain zodiac signs are associated with certain hues, meaning that if you find yourself reaching for a fiery red, deep burgundy, or neutral beige time and time again, the stars may just be the culprit. Just like Chromotherapy (color therapy) color astrology posits that certain colors have the ability to alter our moods and that our astrological profile and overall temperament can also be affected by certain pigments.

Many astrologers also believe that certain colors have the capacity to downplay some of our personality traits (based on our sign), while others have the power to strengthen such attributes. Rather than hassling my perpetually annoyed sister via text to help me decide between a bright cherry red or blush-tinted nude (my two usual suspects), I decided to leave it up to the stars this time. Read ahead to find out your mani-scope for the approaching holiday season.

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Essie Meet me at Sunset amazon

Courtesy of Essie.

Aries —

Aries are passionate, born to lead, and aren’t afraid of making a statement or trying new trends. This bold orange-red shade
is perfect for the trendsetting ram.

Orly nail polish amazon


Taurus —

The generous and determined bull will do just about anything for someone they love, but they’re not fond of abandoning their routines and pushing out of their comfort zones. This sheer, baby pink shade
is neutral enough to go with literally anything, but is slightly more polished (pun intended) than a bare nail.

China Glaze Pearl Jammin nail polish


Gemini —

Geminis have a tough time narrowing down their options and they get bored like, super fast. A multi-faceted opal polish
that changes colors in different light settings is a great choice for the indecisive twins.

STYLECASTER | nail polish zodiac sign

Courtesy of Morgan Taylor.

Cancer —

The sensitive and highly imaginative crab’s sentimental nature leads her to make choices based on their ability to evoke emotion and beauty — and this carries over to color as well. This subtle yet nuanced mint green hue
reflects is calming and chic, making it an apt polish choice for the cancer homebody.

Dermelect nail polish


Leo —

Leos’ signature trait is their unwavering sense of pride and self-confidence. The fire sign isn’t afraid of the possibility of coming off flamboyant when it comes to their personal style. This dazzling metallic and glitter-infused polish would make a lovely holiday shade for the sign.

Ella and Mia nail polish

Ella + Mila.

Virgo —

Virgos may be slight perfectionists and critical thinkers, but they also tend to have an artistic flare. This cool blue-green color
feels sophisticated and versatile but stands out more than your average black or classic dark red.

Sally hansen miracle gel polish

Courtesy of Sally Hansen.

Libra —

Libras are natural-born tastemakers that like to have fun and have an appreciation for the finer things in life. They love to show off their femininity (and designer handbags), which makes this hot pink hue
a natural choice for the fun-loving sign.

OPI Got the Blues for Red amazon

Courtesy of O.P.I.

Scorpio —

The zodiac says that Scorpios have an endless sense of curiosity and manage to maintain a sense of mystery, despite their passionate demeanor and investigative nature. This sultry dark red shade evokes all three of these traits and looks killer on just about any skin tone.


Olive and june nail polish

Olive & June.

Sagittarius —

This fire sign has a knack for adventure and highly adaptable to whatever comes their way, making them the most well-traveled sign in the zodiac. This spunky blue-periwinkle hue is versatile enough to match with endless outfits but is much more exciting than a neutral-toned nude.









Smith and Cult Doe My Dear

Courtesy of Smith & Cult.

Capricorn —

Capricorns possess a no-nonsense approach to life and are guided by logic and order rather than emotional impulses. This light grey shade
is an excellent alternative to a practical pale pink or nude that the sign would likely reach for.





Cirque Colors Cream Nail Polish


Aquarius —

Aquarians are unapologetically independent and oftentimes, fiercely analytical. While their admirable self-motivation is undoubtedly virtuous, the sign also appreciates order and disdains anything overtly flash. This milky cream color
is ultra-flattering and will look polished and refined, regardless of the season or occasion at hand.

STYLECASTER | nail polish zodiac sign

Courtesy of Morgan Taylor.


Pisces —

As true chameleons who love to shake things up, this water sign is also known for their compassion and emotional intelligence. Pastel blues like Morgan Taylor’s new “Out in The Open”
hue reflect the sign’s balanced approach to adapting to their surroundings without the drama and their go-with-the-flow attitude.

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