10 Things That Are Bound to Happen Every Time You Paint Your Nails

Augusta Falletta

We’ve all been there: you see some amazing nail art on Pinterest that looks simple enough to recreate on your own fingers, and once you sit down to actually paint your nails, everything that can possibly go wrong does. From the manicure maintenance to the removal, the process of painting your nails can be either smooth or a complete disaster. We all know that nail art looks much better on Tumblr than it does in real life (unless you’re an incredibly talented nail art blogger), so in an effort to make light of sometimes frustrating nail polish situations, below are the 10 things that will undoubtedly happen every time you paint your nails – because we can all relate to the perils of glitter nail polish.

You start by clipping your nails and you will most definitely clip one nail way too short, so you have to start all over again and make every nail the same length.

Clipping Nails

Image via Buzzfeed

You go to use base coat and the polish is so old and thick, you decide to not use a base coat at all.

Painting nails

Image via Tumblr

You will get nail polish anywhere that is even remotely close to your nail, because it’s impossible to only paint on your actual nail.

Outside the lines

Image via Blogspot

As soon as you start painting your nails, you will need to go to the bathroom, but you’ll need to wait because a button and a zipper mean smudges.

Emma Stone

Image via PandaWhale

You get no phone calls or texts all day, but the minute you’re done painting your nails and need to wait for them to dry, your phone will blow up with calls and texts from friends. You won’t be able to answer anything, because you’re paralyzed until your top coat is dry. A woman is helpless only while her nails are drying.

Itching to move

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You see nail art on Pinterest that looks so simple, and you think it will turn out like this.

Nail Art

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But you finish and even though you follow the exact steps, your nails are a mess. Even Ke$ha would say no to your nail art.


Image via Tumblr

Glitter nail polish always seems like a great idea.

Glitter Nail Polish

Image via The Nail Boss

Until you have to remove the glitter and you have cotton ball remnants stuck to your fingernails for hours.

Ryan Gosling

Image via Reaction GIFs

If you successfully made it through painting your nails with minimal issues, you blow on them to dry.

blowing nails to dry

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Once they’re dry enough, you assume the “Claw” position for an Instagram picture that’s sure to get double tapped.


Image via Tumblr

And the second after you’re done taking the picture, you get a surge of false confidence thinking that your nails are dry, and you will smudge them.

Nooooo Taylor

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