Nail News: Essie’s Flagship Salon Opens in NYC

Emily Smith

Essie enthusiasts everywhere will be more than excited to know that Essie Weingarten, creator of Essie nail polish, is opening her company’s flagship salon in none other than New York City. Located in the Samuel Shriqui salon on 35 East Sixty-fifth Street, the store has a modern, yet chic design that embodies what is in every bottle of Essie.  Interior designer Peter Millard adorned the salon with dyed leather chairs that mimic colors of her collection, and crisp white walls that will have salon-goers feeling refreshed from the time they step foot in the room.

Weingarten premiered her collection in 1981, launching the brand with “Vegas Baby!” and has continued to concoct countless shades since then. In 2010, Essie cosmetics joined the L’Oreal name brand and soon after discussed the possibility of opening a flagship salon. Loyal customer to manicurist and close friend, Josephine Allen, Weingarten knew exactly where her dream location would be. Now, her dream has become a reality. When referring to her new salon, Weingarten states, “it’s really an out-of-bottle experience…now when I drive down Sixty-fifth Street and see my name on the awning, I can’t believe it.”

At the mere sight of the salon, the decadent décor will have you feeling like you just stepped into one of Essie’s iconic square bottles. From “Carousel Coral” to “Beach Bum Blu,” you too could have yourself sitting with the likes of Essie Weingarten herself…and yes, she does have weekly appointments to lacquer her nails with her signature “Blushing Bride,” followed by a coat of “Mademoiselle.”

[Photo via Vogue]