Manicure DIY: Get The “F*** Yeah, America” Nails From Miss Pop

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Manicure DIY: Get The “F*** Yeah, America” Nails From Miss Pop
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Fireworks, check. Enough American flags to make into a dress, check. Super amazing, patriotic nail art that will blow your mind … Check!

Thanks to our friends over at Lifebooker and nail artiste extraordinaire Miss Pop, we’ve created this exclusive nail art design in honor of the Fourth of July. Enthusiastically called the “F*** Yeah, America” nails, this pro-red-white-and-blue design features a white base color with a red or blue color in a tie-dye effect.

To get that “F*** Yeah” factor, we also added on some star-shaped confetti and silver sprinkles in order to get that extra sparkle for this festive, firework-loaded holiday.

Be sure to click through the gallery to read Miss Pop’s step-by-step instructions to get the “F*** Yeah, America” nails, perfect to keep on rocking in the free world.



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"F*** Yeah, America" Nails

YOU WILL NEED: Base coat, Essie Blanc or White Nail Polish, Art Club Red and Blue, Nail Art Duos or Nail Art Stripers, Top Coat and a thin brush or toothpick.

OPTIONAL: Nail Art Bonder or Sealer, Art Club Stars in Blue and Red, Art Club Silver Sprinkles or Bullion and/or 1 Orange Stick.

1. Brush on a base coat and two coats of Essie Blanc or an opaque white. White helps the colors pop and makes the tie dye look "authentico". A nude or colored base will still give you a cool pattern, it just won’t look like your fave craft project.

2. Working on finger at a time, brush on a thick top coat. You can also use a nail
art bonder or sealer. Warning: Do not use the fast dry kind of top coat because
you’re going to need every second you can get to pull this look.

3. Using a nail art striper, swirl a thin line of polish on your nail leaving plenty of white space. Color Club’s Nail Art duos have the perfect brush to make a lil line. The polish will spread in the clear top coat a bit. So, less is definitely more here.

Swirl it up

4. While the polish is still wet, take a thin brush and dip it in
acetone. (If you don’t have an extra thin brush, you can use acetone to
wash the polish off one of your nail art stripers.) Then, starting from
the center of the nail, gently stroke out in straight lines, going
around the nail like clockwork. Each stroke should pull the polish into a
v-line making it look like you dip dyed your digits.

The tie-dye effect is in full effect

5. For extra Fourth of July "flava", throw on some nail art bullion and stars. You can snag all this sparkly magic by looking for Color Club in the nail aisle at Sally’s Beauty. To apply the extras, coat your nail with a special nail art top coat called bonder or sealer. Then, dab the tip of your orange stick into the brush of your base coat. Then, tap your orange stick onto the nail art bedazzlement to lift it and place it onto the nail. Do it ‘til your satisfied and then seal your look in with a coat of nail art sealer or bonder.

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