Wrap It Up! The Must-Try Nail Trend

Wrap It Up! The Must-Try Nail Trend
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If you haven’t hopped on board this new nail bandwagon, now’s the time to add one more thing to your Chrismakkuh wishlist: nail wraps!

Inspired by the revolutionary Minx Nails brand — the first to bring this innovation to the masses — now other less pricey, more accessible brands are coming out with their own versions of the trend.

Instead of using damaging glue like acrylic and gels do, nail wraps act like a shrink wrap over your fingernails, and are usually both applied and removed using the aid of a little heat — by using your blowdryer, for example.

Because they are so easy to apply, nail wraps often come in crazy colors and patterns, from metallic to leopard and everything in between.

Check out our slideshow of some of our favorite nail wraps, and don’t forget to tweet us @BeautyHigh with pictures of your nail wrap manicures!

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Nail Rock is a UK brand that has designed a wrap that applies super-easily, with no heat required. We are obsessed with this metallic moon design in festive holiday red and gold.

(Nail Rock Nail Wraps, $8, shop.nordstrom.com)

Affordable and unique, we love Sephora by OPI Chic Print for Nails. There are currently 15 patterns available on the Sephora website — there's even been a "Glee" collaboration, with three wraps inspired by the hit TV series!

(Sephora by OPI Chic Print for Nails, $15, sephora.com)

We super into these At Your Fingertips Nail Stickers. We like the idea of putting them on one or two nails only and painting the rest with normal polish to really make a statement.

(At Your Fingertips Nail Stickers, $12, modcloth.com)

There are 23 awesome Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips available currently. The hippiefied 60s flower-power pattern, top right, is a big fave.

(Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, $8.50, target.com)

Which of these whimsical Nail Fraud patterns is your favorite? We're kind of feeling the fishnet. 

(Nail Fraud Do It Yourself Nail Decals, $10, drugstore.com)

So obsessed with the offerings from Nail Couture Los Angeles Nail Wraps! How much does that Ikat-esque nail in the middle remind you of our Matthew Williamson-inspired nail art post?

(Nail Couture Los Angeles Nail Wraps, $22, styletryst.com)

The award for best variety goes to Nail Wrapz, with 44 designs and counting. I like this crazy violet and pink leopard — top with a coat of glitter to really get crazy with it!

(NAIL WRAPZ by Donna Bella, $12, donnabellahair.com)

The original and still the best, Minx Nails (minxnails.com) offer countless designs, and are adored by celebs like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, and many more. The only bummer is, you have to be a professional Minx stylist to purchase their products. Instead, find a salon near you that offers the service, or check out the Lady Gaga x Minx collab we posted last week. 

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