Would You Buy Louis Vuitton Nail Polish for $595!?!

Amanda Elser

Although we thought that nail polish was supposed to be the recession-proof beauty product, a price tag like $595 for this Louis Vuitton set may set you back a few.

Racked discovered this rare find onFashionphile, areseller of “vintage, rare, limited-edition and discontinued luxury bags.”

We get it. This collection may be a rare luxury, but $600 for nail polish is a bit over-the-top (unless of course it’s infused with gold and pixie dust).

But not to fret — apparently the site has a layaway program. For a downpayment of $149 you can reserve the collection for yourself. That’s right… adownpayment on nail polish.

(Thanks, but we think we’ll pass and just hit the nearest Sephora instead.)

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