The Woman Behind Lady Gaga’s Nails is Being Sued for 35K

Amanda Elser

Aya Fukuda, the woman behind all of Lady Gaga’s over-the-top manicures, is being sued by her former employer for $35,000.

Michael Duenas, founder ofHair Room Service,a company that sends hair and makeup professionals to celebs and other rich folk, said that he originally introduced Fukuda to the singer. Fukuda was apparently under a “non-compete” contract when she left the company and took Lady Gaga with her.

According to the New York Post:

The lawsuit says Aya Fukuda signed on as an independent “nail artist” with the service in July 2010, agreeing to pay a 40 percent commission and that she would not “appropriate any client.”

The company booked her for several appointments with Gaga until June 2011, when Fukuda’s lawyer told the company she wanted out of her deal. The company wouldn’t sign off on her terms, the suit says.

When the company gave Fukuda a termination agreement in August she refused to sign it and continued to work with Gaga.