Sephora Introduces In-Store Nail Art Bar

Rachel Adler
Sephora Introduces In-Store Nail Art Bar
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It’s really no secret that most girls, especially the ones over here in our offices, are currently obsessed with nail art. Sephora, being a store that is always up on not only providing their clients with the current trends but also helping to teach them about them, has partnered with XpresSpa to deliver the Sephora Nail Studio — an in-store nail art bar.

I ran over there the other day to check it out (I know, tough life of a beauty editor) and basically became obsessed). Not only can you choose from the amazing colors of Sephora by OPI, Nails, INC. LONDON (a brand well known in the UK, recently landing stateside), Illamasqua, NARS and Dior, but you can also choose from numerous different patterns and shades for relatively affordable prices.

With names like Cherry Blossom, Punk Cheetah, Glitterati and the Crossing Guards, these designs are intricate and awesome, and the manicurists on hand (at all hours when Sephora is open) are pros at their art. I chose an ombre effect, and we even got a bit creative with it and added a double gradiation for an extra color effect.

And, since Sephora is all about teaching their clientele, you can also choose which nail art “recipe” you’d like on their iPod set up at the station, learn what products you would need to achieve the look, and email the directions to yourself to try it at home.

Price ranges are below, and the Nail Studio is currently open in New York at Sephora 5 Times Square and will be opening soon in Sephora 34th St and Sephora Roosevelt Field, as well as expanding elsewhere – no appointments necessary!

Get Lacquered, $15
The High Line=Get Lacquered in Two Hues, $20
Let It Shine=Get Lacquered + Jewelry Top Coat, $20
Chic Prints, $22-$30
Nail Art, $25-$75(services range from simple to intricate)