The Runway at Your Fingertips: Designer Nail Art

Amanda Elser

It seems as if all the celebrities have been rocking some form of nail art lately, but between Katy Perry’s Smurf nails and Lady Gaga’s gold studded stiletto tips, we are still getting used to the thought of such an eccentric manicure. But there is one emerging sub category of nail design that you don’t need a platinum record to embrace runway inspired nail art.

Taking inspiration right off the runway, nail art designers are more than just manicurist. They have the ability to capture the design and feel of a $3000 dress you can’t afford right off the runway and redesign it on your nails for instant glam.

Fleury Rose is a New York based nail artist who has gained credit on blogs and Tumblrs for her unique way of taking an entire designer collection and transferring it onto her clients nails as equally cohesive as it walked down the runway.

Fleury grew up in Connecticut studying art and dreaming of when she would be able to move to NYC. When she was 8 years old she got a washable nail art kit from her Grandmother, which she claims was what first got her interested in her chosen profession.

As a nail artist, a lot of her designs are based off of her clients’ ideas, references and themes. “Once they have a look at what I am capable of they get really into it and come the next time with stacks of inspiration!” Fleury says she likes taking a whole group or theme of images and turning them into a manicure.

“A lot of my runway inspired work was born from girls who love fashion, but couldn’t necessarily buy the $5000 dress,” she says. “Getting a collection on your nails is a way to get to wear your favorite textiles or designs, even if it’s only temporary.”