Pre, During & Post Fashion Week Rituals: Priti’s Kim D’Amato

Julia DiNardo

Kim D’Amato, founder of Priti NYC‘s non-toxic, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde-free line of natural polishes is a familiar face backstage during New York Fashion Week. Splitting her time between New York and Paris, the beauty entrepreneur delves right into the frenzied action, with comfy sneakers and a clean beauty routine in tow. D’Amato shared some of her pre, during, and post fashion week rituals with us, as well as gave us a sneak peek at her new, special edition London 2012 Olympics Collection called ‘Heavy Medal’ (see below; available in April, 2012 at in the shades Chrysanthos, Old Man Cactus, Bills Bronze, and Pewter Veil).

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What is your personal beauty regimen for the long hours under constant time constraint, the onslaught of interviews, and just general whirlwind?

I wake up wash my face, moisturize, and …mascara. I use By Terry concealer and her By Terry Face Glow. The girls at NARS gave me the most glamorous red lipsticks too.. I love the Jungle Red Semi Matte Lipstick. I just dab a little on…

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What are three things that you must have on you, on a daily basis during fashion week?

Three things that I have with me for fashion week are:

–the iPhone to keep up with my schedule… and assistants.
–Priti NYC Soy Polish Remover Wipes; wipes for quick polish removal.
–an American Express card, to get me from place to place.

In those situations when a model shows up extremely late to the backstage, how fast can you and your techs move through the steps and do a polish change, prep, paint, and top coat the color?

We have been doing shows for over six years now, so we can move pretty quickly.
With the wipes (Priti NYC Soy Polish Remover Wipes), we remove it (the polish) really quickly, and the quick dry drops (Priti NYC Speedy Dry Top Coat) dries really fast.

Since coming to NYFW involves a significant time zone change, do you have a number one weapon for combating exhaustion?

The only weapon for combating exhaustion I know of is sleep, and sneaking a
massage in whenever possible!

Can you tell us your go-to clothing item during New York Fashion Week?

I live in sneakers during fashion week, as I am always running from show to show and hair and make up tests in between (I love my red Adidas– they make me happy!).

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What do you usually do with your nails for fashion week? Keep them clear and clean, or use one of Priti’s latest colors on them?

My nails stay clean during fashion week because I am running to hair and make up tests in between shows and need to try on colors for approval, or sometimes mix them on the spot. So I always carry an empty polish bottle with me.

After fashion week is through, what do you usually do, or where do you go, to decompress and de-stress?

After fashion week, I fly back to Paris (where I reside most of the time), and sit on a terrace and loiter with a glass of ros and my girlfriends, and laugh and relax…

Over the years, what is the most important thing you’ve learned from this process (New York Fashion Week)?

After all these years I have learned to just go with the flow and respect everyone’s creative process…. no stress required.

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