NYFW SS 2012 Beauty Trend Spotter: Neutral Nails

Amanda Elser
NYFW SS 2012 Beauty Trend Spotter: Neutral Nails
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To be honest, we were expecting a little bit more oomph in the nail category at this Fashion Week. With all of the stiletto tips and nail art we have seen lately, we thought for sure there would be some carryover into next spring. But a lot of what we have been seeing is much more natural than the stylings of Lady Gaga and Beyonce, with the main runway trend being short, rounded, neutral or nude nails.

Nail experts like Deborah Lippmann and Essie Weingarten both say that this natural look is going to be a new trend for spring and that we can say goodbye to color-blocking our nails. Both of these ladies told our Beauty High team that the new style will be matching fingers to toes.

Not that we aren’t excited to see a trend that we can actually all follow, but we would have liked to see something a little more dramatic for the runway.

Creative Director for butterLONDON, Nonie Creme, said that while a lot of her shows do have the natural shape to the nail, has done a few with an almond-shaped tip. A step above short and a notch below stiletto, this could potentially the look we will be rocking come spring.