Natural, Non-Toxic Nail Polishes? Yes, it is Possible!

Natural, Non-Toxic Nail Polishes? Yes, it is Possible!
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There has been a ton of controversy lately surrounding the dangerous chemicals present in certain hair straightening formulas, such as Brazilian Blowout. Formaldehyde is a big concern when it comes to hair products — but did you know that formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals are more common in cosmetics than you think?

Painting your nails is always the mostawful-smelling part of your beauty routine. That is because those toxic smelling chemicals in nail polish are not just unpleasant; the fumes are actually warnings to not inhale too deeply.

It is important to check out the ingredients in your nail polish before buying . Specifically, you want to avoid dibutyl phtalate (DBP), formaldehyde and toluene. It may not be possible to have a completely chemical-free polish. However, it is very possible to free your polish of these three toxins while not sacrificing your favorite colors and looks.

Are you confused as to where you would even look for all-natural, non-toxic polishes? We are here to help. Check out our slideshow of our favorite safe nail polish brands and where to buy them above!

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SpaRitual Vegan Nail Laquers are free of DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene. We love the Wilde Fall 2011 collection, but every shade of the Los Angeles-based line can be viewed online on their website — and you search not by color, but by "harmony." Oooooooh.

(SpaRitual Nail Laquers, $10 each,

Honeybee Gardens' fume-free polishes are also all-clear of the dangerous three chemicals, and in addition, they are water-based. This means you don't need smelly nail polish remover to get them off, but any old alcohol will do. The 25 colors are all made without using FD&C dyes, and being solvent-free means they won't strip the natural oils off your nails like normal polishes will. 

(Honeybee Gardens WaterColors Non-Peel Off Polish, $9.99 each,

Priti NYC polishes are free of the evil three carcinogens, as well as camphor. They are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This brand has the best selection, with over 100 colors to choose from. Priti launched in 2005 as the first organic spa, and ever since the brand has been constantly creating new innovations for eco-friendly nailcare, from their 100% biodegradable soy-based remover to a recycled glass file. 

(Priti NYC Non-toxic, Natural Nail Polish, $12.50 each,

Acquarella products are water-based, non-toxic, acetone-free, and have n formaldehyde, phthalates or other chemical solvents. Zero fumes make them perfect for secretly painting your nails at the office, in the car with a friend without them suffocating, or while watching TV with your man without him complaining. This brand also has a great moisturizer, a conditioner, and a water-based remover in their collection. Instead of oils and emollients to camoflage the drying effects of nail products, Acquarella uses natural ingredients, water, amino acids, and aloe vera to repair your hands and nails. 

(Acquarella nail polish, $16 each,

Organic Suncoat polishes are also water-based and free of the dangerous three chemicals we mentioned, but in addition, are phthalate-free, alcohol-free and acetone and acetate-free. The polishes are colored with natural earth pigments instead of artificial FD&C dyes. These polishes, based in Canada, have been rewarded by the Canadian Health Food Association Expo, and are now being sent and used all over the world.

(Suncoat Water-based Nail Polish, $9.99 each,

Little BU polishes are designed as a safe way for young girls to paint their nails, but we here at Beauty High have been known to play with them as well. This formula has it all: it's water-based, non-toxic, free from the Big Three, and has no phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate, or acetone. The nine shades are each named after a girl, so if you know someone with the same name it would be an extra-awesome present. These pretty polishes are the perfect gift for the special little girl in your life — just make sure you like the shade too, because we know you'll be borrowing it!

(Little BU Nail Polish, about $15,

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