Nail Polish Sales Continue to Rise, What Will Boom Next?

Rachel Adler

Our tracking of nail art and nail polish trends has been thorough, if not intense and lengthy. When spring’s nude nail trends began to pop up, we even (as polish enthusiasts) became a little worried — not to knock a great flesh-toned nail — but because well, let’s be honest, a nude nail just isn’t quite as much fun.

But, all signs right now point to the nail industry continuing to blossom, and as the Daily Mail pointed out today, sales have been soaring. L’Oreal’s polish sales were up 24 percent, double the increase of lipstick and lip gloss sales.

Mark Rodel, CEO of Models Own, said, “We live in an image-obsessed world and nail varnish has become the ultimate accessory.” Also of note, the company Models Own sells a bottle of varnish every 15 seconds.

“Women want a quick and affordable way to get the latest look. A new varnish provides an expression of individuality and the same buzz as a new outfit for 10 percent of the cost.”

Profits in nail salons are also up, with nail salons becoming one of the fastest growing businesses. The biggest chain in Britain, Nails Inc, is forecasting a 22 million turnover this year. They credit a large part of this to the growing popularity of Shellac manicures and pedicures.

What we’re wondering — and are always wondering — is how long these skyrocketing sales will last. And of course, what segment of the beauty industry will boom next? What are your predictions?

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