Nail Artist Sophy Robson Explains Look at Topshop Unique

Amanda Elser

We nearly swooned when we saw the nails at Topshop’s Unique show during London’s Fashion Week and after some serious google research and Tumblr stalking we finally found the artist behind those hieroglyphic beauties. Read below how London nail artist extraordinaireSophy Robson created this look less than a week before the show.

At Topshop I was asked to do some graphic style mixed up nails to go with the Egyptian theme. I checked the references at Topshop headquarters a week before the show, and picked up on the Cleopatra and hieroglyphics graphics.

I went off to start colour mixing polishes to match some of the fabrics. I wanted the thumbs and toes gold so they would shine as the girls walked down the runway. The other highlight colors were the blue, which I made with different shades of bright blue mixed in with a bit of neon and white to make it stand out. Then I added little hieroglyphic style designs like a pyramid and all-seeing-eye to each nail. It was a lot of work to get these nails painted onto 45 models, but luckily me and my team pulled it off!

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