Learn How to Remove Pesky Glitter Polish

Rachel Adler

Glitter nail polish has naturally begun trending as we get closer and closer to the holidays, and with the nail art craze taking us by storm the bigger the flakes of glitter, the better. But, those chunks can be rather pesky and annoying to remove — almost so much so that we tend to stray away from the best forms of glitter polish just to make our lives easier (the horror, we know).

Celebrity manicurist Elle, who works with bling-tastic stars such as J.Lo, recommends warming up the nail polish remover before using it for easier removal. She of course warns to not put it in the microwave as it is flammable, but running it under hot water can help with the process. Or, Elle adds that you can even remove your polish in the shower, in the hot steam.

For a quick and easy DIY manicure that will put a little pep in your holiday step, try essie’s Midnight Cami with Set in Stone as your top coat. Elle also recommends trying Bobbing for Baubles with Set in Stone over the top — have fun with it!