‘Hunger Games’ Keeps Surprising Us with More Beauty Details


Here at Beauty High, we are just a teeny tiny bit excited for The Hunger Games to come out in March. We have already showed you the trailer, provided details on star Jennifer Lawrence‘s brunette dye job for the role, and talked about the China Glaze polish collection based on the story that’s debuting in February.

OK, we admit it: we’re obsessed! And this still from the movie excites us even more when we noticed it on our second (OK, ninth) viewing of the trailer. Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks, wears garish fuchsia ensembles when she visits District 12, making her stand out from all the muted greys and blues.

While not a fan of the misunderstood Effie, we are big fans of her magenta ombre nails. Little details like Effie’s nails, or Cinna’s gold eyeliner, are what excite us for the beauty looks in this movie. What do you think of the ombre nail trend?

Can you see Hunger Games beauty looks translating to the real world, or should they stay on-screen? Let us know!