Ginger + Liz Talk Nail Polish Trends & Names

Rachel Adler

Obviously we have a strange obsession with nail polish over here, but for one, you can’t really blame us, and for two, you guys do as well. It’s not exactly our faults though, as researchers have shown that since the recession we’d rather spend the cash on accessorizing our nails in bright and fun colors than buying expensive new clothes and jewelry.

We spoke with Ginger + Liz, the creative duo behind the nail polish line of the same name, about their bright and fun colors and their just as creative names. Below they answered our questions about the latest trends and styles!

What are you seeing as the main trends for the winter season?
I think there is a reemergence of dark vampy shades that will never go out of style — different variations of vamp. We’re launching High Waisted soon, it’s this dark denim blue color this season we’re embracing the really warm dark colors in a different way and also, this winter more mature woman are embracing glitter. We’re releasing two that work in that way, Investment Piece and Mix n’ Mingle we’ve had glitters in the past and we’re ladies who consider themselves on trend and trendy but don’t like gimmicks so what we did with the glitters is we knew there was a place for them around the holiday season, when women want to have more fun and when nails are the “it” accessory but what we did was make them really dense and and add small flakes of glitter so with one coat you can put it over your favorite shade for a nice touch of sparkle or for the more demure ladies, or with two coats you get complete opacity for a mirror-like glitter effect so I think it’s a new take on a dark vampy shade, more mature glitters.

We’ve noticed denim blues have definitely come back into style. Why do you think this is?
I think they’re having a resurgence because nothing is more classic than a denim and they just transcend it’s a color that is bright but not childlike, it’s a color that is super-classic we recognize that and they’re never going to go out of style a lot of people were doing pastel blues and robin egg blues and we were working on fall lines we don’t really follow the Pantone colors and we really do what we see, like real life trends, quite honestly we might have a good gut feeling, I think the darker blues are a new take on the pastel blues and makes it a little more mature I think.

The names for your polishes are so creative — how do you come up with them?
The names are definitely our favorite part of the process the names are inspired by real life, we sit down and think about how we’re feeling about ourselves mentally and physically our style is fluid especially for us, one season I’ll be feeling more bohemian and we really pull from our aesthetic one color we had, Better Off Without You, that was pulled from a business acquaintance we pulled away from, a lot of times we created a color that we didn’t think was trendy but the designers pulled us in and it turned out it worked perfectly for the shows. For instance this NYFW the soft baby pinks worked well.

In terms of the names, it’s what is real and what we want for us we were talking about needing something skin tight but not too tight and named that for a color in the nude family, so it’s really part of the conversation personal relationships with guys also influence us, like Hold the Drama and things will come to us that will work well and we’ll keep them for future.

Why did you choose to create a vegan line?
Ginger and I growing up were ironically both allergic to the more toxic polishes on the market today and realized we had that both in common, it can make your nail beds very sensitive so we knew that moving forward with the line we knew that we had to be vegan and not have certain chemicals. Surprisingly they are still in certain brands today and a lot of women aren’t aware of this and we wanted to create a healthier polish line and raise awareness and we’re both animal lovers and didn’t want to test on animals.

Lastly, can you give us some tips for keeping nails healthy through the cold months?
Certainly to keep your nails healthy all year round it’s important to eat your veggies and have grains good for your eyes, skin eating well is great for your nail health it will help with the brittleness and get rid of the yellowness encourage eating non-processed foods and protein. Also in the winter it’s important to keep your hands and cuticles moisturized even if you’re not a frequent moisturizer just put some cuticle oil on your cuticles it will go a long way in the winter months and in cold climates gloves are really important — it keeps your hands out of the harsh elements. Also, certainly give your hands weekly manis and care for hands and nails and don’t use your nails as instruments!