DIY The Glitter Nail Polish Trend For Under $15

Julia DiNardo
DIY The Glitter Nail Polish Trend For Under $15
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All that glitters is not gold in fact its purple, or silver, or blue, or green! The glitter trend in nail polish was seen all over the runways for spring 2011, so why not get a head start and begin embracing it now? We discovered some great, affordable brands and eye- catching colors to wear solo or layer over matte colors, all coming in at under $15. From pulverized pieces to confetti-like chunks, theres a glitter polish for everyone!

For those of you with the do-it-yourself spirit, heres how you can make your own glitter nail polish on the super-cheap:

Base coat
Top Coat
A funnel, or piece of paper to make a funnel
Small spoon
Fine glitter from a craft store


  • Select a fine glitter from a craft store, like Stampendous Ultrafine Pearl Glitter for $2.99
  • For your first time experimenting with glitter, go for an inexpensive mixing color, as theres a chance the glitter and the nail polish could get mushed together. Go for a clear or very pale, slightly hued shade, like NYColor polish (about $2) in Mulberry Street or Park Avenue, as well as its Extra Shiny Top Coat.
  • Shake your glitter onto the spoon and using or creating a funnel shape, feed it into the polish base, at little bits at a time, sealing and shaking, until youve reached the desired amount of glitter. Apply one to two coats and seal with the top coat.
  • If youd like to do a less intensive DIY session, pick a base coat and already pre-glittered bottle of polish to layer, applying the base coast, waiting until it is almost dry, then adding a coat of the glitter polish overtop.

Click through the slideshow above for a few of our favorite combinations, all coming in at $15 or less!