Celebrity Manicurist Elle Talks Latest Nail Trends


Nail polish and nail art has become more daring than ever this year. We’re all for manicure experimentation, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the trends and choices. Celebrity manicurist Elle is at the forefront of the nail scene and had all the answers for us when we caught up with her at a recent Victoria’s Secret photo shoot.

So Elle, tell us about yourself!
I am a celebrity manicurist for Essie as well as their spokesperson. I have worked freelance for Jennifer Lopez for over 16 years, and done nails for everyone from Hilary Swank to Victoria’s Secret models during editorial shoots.

What are your favorite colors and trends?
Oranges and blues are very big right now, while whites, yellows and neutrals are always popular for summer. The trends now are reverse-French manicures and nail art. Ombre was a very big trend two year ago, but not so much anymore. Sheers always work, and clean nails are always chic. I always put Caf Forgot on Adriana because it’s a really cool beige.

What do you think about Lady Gaga’s claws?
I love that trend! If you can wear it and it’s your style, then rock it! You can get those kinds of structures and shapes from using gel nails. This trend is very Japanese and is huge right nowit comes from the Harijuku girls, who often encase lace, glitter, rhinestones and other nail art in the gel so that it becomes permanent. The biggest trends with structure are called “The Stiletto” and “The Edge”, which have to do with the way you file the nail.

What about DIY nail art?
They sell all the kits in drugstores now, so if you want to get the trends from home you can. I think it’s very consumer friendly. The nail art pens and the Sally Hansen stickers make the it really easy to do.

What about manicures for the red carpet?
It’s totallly differentwe keep it really chic. Jennifer Lopez will do a trend, but we usually do a dark color on her toes to keep it looking clean. While Katy Perry and Rihanna will go crazy, Jennifer is more subdued and likes to keep it chic and classic. But, if someone wants to try an out-there trend, I say, “If it’s your style and you can carry it off, then do it!”

Do you think everyone can pull off those trends?
I think it all has to do with your personal style. I can’t pull it offI still wear a Long Island square nail!