20 Valentine’s Day Manicures He’ll Love

20 Valentine’s Day Manicures He’ll Love
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Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to go all out with reds, pinks and anything else that reminds us of love. Your outfit’s picked out and you know exactly what you’ll be doing to your hair, but what about your nails? We found 20 manicure ideas perfect for V-Day. From simple to bright to over-the-top — there’s a manicure your boyfriend will love on you.

Check out the slide show above for all the hearts and glitter you could ever wish for in a manicure!

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Sometimes you just need to get to the point and spell it out for him. Get flirty and let him know exactly what you want to do with this colorful manicure.

Can’t decide between pink and red? Do both just like this pretty rainbow.

Keep it simple with a nude shade and add a special touch with a heart.

Bring out your inner glamour girl! Paint the ends in your pick of red and finish the top end in a thick gold glitter.

Red and white is a perfect combination for this Holiday. All you need is one pretty design on the ring finger to get in the VDay mood.

This manicure reminds us of pie and is quite simple to do. After your red nail polish dries, paint some diagonal lines and wah-lah you’ve got sweet nails.

This has to be one of the cutest designs EVER and any fashionista will fall in love with it.

These mix and match nails are beyond adorable and will make you fall in love with polka dots.

We love our black nail polish because it goes with absolutely everything. But skip it for V-Day and try this dark cherry one with a touch of shimmer instead.

How adorable is this pink and burgundy mix?! This is a fun one to try.

Think outside the box and try this burgundy and pink french manicure to spice things up.

If you’re going for the sweet and girly look then this baby pink and white hearts mani was made just for you.

Can’t decide between pink and red? Why not do both and while you’re at it throw some glitter in the mix too!

Put it in writing -- your love that is. He’ll love that you did this. Extra points if you can get his initial in there too.

This pale pink shade is too pretty for words accompanied with the heart and dots.

This is the ultimate Valentine’s manicure with red and hearts within hearts.

Love glitter but don’t want to go overboard? Then this light pink shimmer polish will suit your needs. Show him you care with a little heart at the ends.

For those of you not over the Ombre trend this is an interesting design to try. The corals are beautiful together.

Here’s another French manicure to try, this time with a lighter shade on top and red tips.

If these aren’t V-Day nails then we don’t know what is! Do either a clear or nude polish and then draw on the hearts and there’s no way you won’t get noticed.

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