Nail Art Makes a Play at Wimbledon

Rachel Adler

This year’s Wimbledon tournament saw many great things: Andy Murray (Great Britain’s star tennis player) battled it out with Roger Federer for the championship, Federer was able to tie tennis great Pete Sampras for 7 wins; and Serena Williams won two Wimbledon championships in one day, winning both in singles and in doubles with her sister Venus. While all of that was going on, many also took notice of the women, like Serena, who chose to play with a full face of makeup and among other things, bedazzled nails.

Serena has always been known for her keen sense of fashion, and her need for it on the court, but this year she even switched up her manicure a couple of times throughout the tournament. She wasn’t alone though — numerous other players also chose nail art over a simple, solid color or just a plain nail, opting for nail stickers or the crackle mani. Click through the slideshow above to see just how creative our top athletes are becoming!