16 Nail Art Instagram Feeds to Follow for Inspiration You’ll Want to Screenshot

16 Nail Art Instagram Feeds to Follow for Inspiration You’ll Want to Screenshot
Photo: ImaxTree. Design: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

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Second only to standout makeup vloggers like Jackie Aina and celebrities like Fenty boss Rihanna who are fully invested in their cosmetic companies, the beauty-centric Instagram accounts we love to follow most are those with next-level nail art. And, no, we’re not talking about your basic multicolored manicure using some of the year’s newest nail polishes or a coat of glitter polish only enhanced by a Kira Kira filter. The ones claiming ample real estate on our feed deliver nothing short of stiletto tips with extravagant jewels and baubles attached, acrylics with intricate line work and press-ons with drawings so teeny and on point, we wonder how they managed to keep their hands still enough to create.

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Whether you prefer keeping things low-key and handling your manicure at home or going to the salon and having a pro handle the paint job for you, there’s an impressive amount of inspiration that’ll ensure you’ll never get bored with nail art ideas.

And if that weren’t enough, the gamut of art isn’t just for experts (or people with a whole lot of patience). There are also easier looks with the type of payoff that will convince others you somehow transformed into a celebrity manicurist overnight.

We’re constantly bragging about our favorite famous manicurists, but here’s a mix of both people and salons that’ll have you screenshotting all day.

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Vanity Projects

This New York City–based nail salon constantly leaves us mesmerized with mani-grams that include everything from geometric lines to designs inspired by fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton and Supreme.

Paintbox Nails

In the heart of New York City’s Soho neighborhood stands this quaint nail salon, where technicians will leave you impressed and fully satisfied with their full menu of intricate designs.


“Just do it” and follow this New York City salon, dedicated to self-care in the form of mind-blowing massages and, of course, manicures that go beyond a solid wash of color.

Miss Pop

She’s the queen of elevated editorial nail art, and thanks to her Instagram account, we never get to miss out on her gorgeous work used on the runway, fashion campaigns and a bevy of celebrity clientele.

Olive and June

If you’re not a fan of acrylics, this account makes a convincing case for pulling off beautiful designs on smaller, natural nail beds.

Wah Nails

One of London’s premier nail art destinations will make you want to book a trip across the pond, thanks to a never-ending stream of the boldest design inspo out there.


The nail salon run by the celebrity manicurist of the same name gives us everything we need; from new nail polish suggestions to dainty but detailed nail art looks.

Valley NYC

With salons on both the East and West Coasts, you’re getting nail design ideas inspired by a wide range of lifestyles.

The Nail Bar

This Glendale, California, nail salon makes a pretty convincing case for acrylic nails. Don’t believe us, just take a quick peek at the glittery, studded looks on its feed.

Primp N Polish

This account is dedicated to spotlighting the best of the best nail art in Brooklyn, New York. And it never disappoints.

Very Polished Lounge

It’s impossible to get bored with the stream of design inspiration coming from this salon chain, which has locations all over the States.

Indigo Nails

One of the few nail polish brand pages to give us nail art inspo that goes beyond a simple display of the latest colors.

Jenny Bui

If like us, you have been obsessed with Cardi B’s daggerlike, blinged-out stiletto nails, you have this nail pro to thank. In addition to working with the Grammy-nominated star, she also runs a salon in the Bronx, where her designs are constantly reaching new levels of extravagance.

Mei Kawajiri

Since making the move from Japan to New York City, this artist has racked up an impressive celebrity clientele and social media following, both of which get to witness truly next-level nail designs, including cartoon re-creations and updated French manicures.

Park Eunkyung

This artist’s specialty is 3-D designs made with jewels, baubles and more that take manicures from ordinary nail art to works of art.

Sunday Studios

If minimalist nail art is more your speed, this wellness-inspired nail-care brand constantly impresses with a steady stream of clean-looking and subtly bold designs.

Madeline Poole

Sally Hansen’s global color ambassador offers a wide range of nail-art inspiration, from animal-print stilettos to acrylics with jewels attached at the ends.