10 Nail Art Ideas For Coachella

Augusta Falletta
10 Nail Art Ideas For Coachella
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Coachella is quickly approaching as the festivities begin this weekend in California. While planning out your weekend party plans and your must-have outfit essentials for all of the street style shots you’re bound to be in, remember to bring one very important item: killer nail art. The crowd at Coachella is young and fun, so playing up some seriously wild manicures is encouraged. Whether you’re heading to California for the weekend or the entire festival, bare nails just won’t cut it.

We know you’ve got some packing to do, so we’ve put together a nail art inspiration guide for you (because you’re busy trying to find airplane-friendly shampoos and sunscreens). From tribal nails to ombre rainbows to music note nail art that’s entirely called for, there’s a manicure you can DIY before this weekend. Take a look through some of the most fun music festival inspired manicures around and tell us your plans for Coachella in the comments below!

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Tribal nail art can be as colorful as you want it to be, and it always makes a huge impact. While you're sitting on the lawn and listening to the newest music, your nails can speak for themselves. 

Photo: Kelsie's Nail Files/Kelsie's Nail Files

The more color at Coachella, the better. Experiment with some rainbow ombre nails for some impressive tips. 

Photo: Wicked Nails/Wicked Nails

We love a good half moon manicure (a la Prabal Gurung) and when you add glitter into the mix, it's a party. 

Photo: MP Nails/MP Nails

Nothing screams "spring" more than a pastel geometric manicure

Photo: Pshiiit/Pshiiit

What's better for a music festival than music note nail art

Photo: Let Them Have Polish! /Let Them Have Polish!

This fruity nail art is so cute that they'll practically make you hungry for watermelon. 

Photo: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily /Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

The best part about this manicure is that it looks really intricate when it's actually super simple. Just paint a nude base color and strips of complimenting polish colors along half of your nail and you've got Instagram-worthy art at Coachella. 

Photo: Photo Chamber/Photo Chamber

The easiest way to turn up the volume on a monotone manicure is a crazy accent nail, like this white and blue flower paint. 

Photo: Rina-Alcantara/Rina-Alcantara

Get your music festival self into summer mode with anchor-inspired nail art

Photo: Glittla Gloves/Glitta Gloves

We can't even imagine how long this nail art takes to complete, but the end result is totally worth it. 

Photo: Dressed Up Nails /Dressed Up Nails

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