Back-to-School Nail Art to Send You To the Head of the Class

Augusta Falletta
Back-to-School Nail Art to Send You To the Head of the Class
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September is right around the corner (!) and besides for the fall season and Fashion Week, that means one thing: It’s time to go back to school! Once you figure out the perfect first day of school outfit and you brush up on your cat eye skills, you’ve got some serious planning to do in the nails department. Will you show up with nude nails? Glitter polish? A holographic manicure? If you’re more inclined to taking art classes than going out for the soccer team, we suggest starting the school year off on the right foot and giving yourself some Instagram-worthy nail art.

To help you nail down a fun manicure that will have all of your friends jealous of your tips, we’ve rounded up 10 back-to-school manicures. From chalkboard nails to rulers to paper planes, no school supply stone was left unturned. Take a look at our favorite school-themed manicures and tell us what your nails will be wearing on the first day of school in the comments below!

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Everything you need for a great day at school is right at your fingertips with this manicure. 

Image via Pshiiit

Photo: Pshiiit/Pshiiit

Take your love of doodling straight to your nail beds with these looseleaf inspired nails. 

Image via Quirky Lacquerista

Photo: Quirky Lacquerista/Quirky Lacquerista

If you make a mistake with this nail art, simply erase and start over. 

Image via Pretty Polishes

Photo: Pretty Polishes/Pretty Polishes

School supplies, sneakers and a snack? We're sold on this manicure. 

Image via Galactic Lacquer

Photo: Galactic Lacquer/Galactic Lacquer

Colored pencils (and shavings) make for some really cute nail art, even if the pencils themselves aren't the ones doing the coloring. 

Image via Preen

Photo: Preen/Preen

With these nails, you're sure to go to the head of the class. 

Image via Become Gorgeous

Photo: Become Gorgeous/Become Gorgeous

Nail art may be the best way to make math fun. 

Image via Monkey Butt's Momma

Photo: Monkey Butts Momma /Monkey Butts Momma

Paper planes may be a thing of the past, but they still make for an adorable manicure. 

Image via Paper Blog

Photo: Paper Blog/Paper Blog

Whether you're drawing on the chalkboard or drawing on your chalkboard nails, the art is always worthy of an Instagram. 

Image via Cute n Easy Nail Designs

Photo: CutenEasy Nail Designs/CutenEasy Nail Designs

Well, this is one way to rule the halls. 

Image via Nails Mag

Photo: Nails Mag/Nails Mag

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