DIY Nail Art: Get This Evil Eye Mani Yourself

Rachel Adler
DIY Nail Art: Get This Evil Eye Mani Yourself
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The evil eye trend is back in full force, showing up on clothes, jewelry and well, nails. If you have some evil that you need to ward off, there’s no better way to do it than with some fun nail art. We met with the nail artist extraordinaire herself, Miss Pop, to learn how to create this original Evil Eye nail art at home. Follow the instructions in the slideshow above to get the look!

Sewing pin with a round ball end
Bobby pin
Base and top coat
White nail art striper
Black nail art striper
Blue nail polish
Nude nail polish
Funky fresh color of your choice

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Step 1: Paint on a base coat and then two coats of your favorite nude. Let it all dry.

Step 2: Using a colored polish, start 2/3rds of the way down your nail and paint up and across in a diagonal line. Then, do the same thing starting on the opposite side of your nail so the nude should form a triangle that comes to a point in the middle of your nail. You can use any color combo with this design, but this summer, I'm all about creamsicle colored neon by Essie called "Action." 

Step 3: Take out a white nail art striper, like Color Club's duo pen, and brush on an almond shape right in your pyramid so the edge of the eyes line up with the sides of the triangle. Paint up as many evil eyes as you want. I'm partial to the ring and pointer fingers because it's the most face-like, but all five looks fly too.

Step 4: Next, using a black nail art striper like Color Club's duo pen, line the edge of all the triangles and eyes.

Step 5: Dip the round ball of your sewing pin into your blue polishs' brush so a bead forms on the end. Then quickly dot it down in the center of the white eye. The dreamy blue I used here for the eye is Deborah Lippman's "On The Beach". 

Step 6: Dip a ball end of the bobby pin into your black nail art polish to get a bead of color. Then, dab it down in the center of your eye. Finish with a Top coat and your hands are ready to ward off evil! Or at least make your ex-boyfriend extra sorry if you run into him looking so good.

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