Nail Art: Everything You Need to Know for Gorgeous Nail Designs

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evileye nails Nail Art: Everything You Need to Know for Gorgeous Nail Designs

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Whether you like subtle nail art or the more Avant-garde nail art designs, the trend has something for everyone. You can go to your nearest salon and request a full-on piece of art on your nails, or DIY a simple negative space manicure from the comfort of your bedroom. But, in order to really “nail” this trend – pun intended – there are a few tips and tricks that you should know first. We’ve rounded up some of our best nail art tutorials for you below, from inspirational galleries to step-by-step tutorials from some of the best nail artists.

101 Seriously Amazing Nail Art Ideas From Pinterest
One of the things we love to do when we’ve got a little time on our hands is our nails, and since we’ll have just a little more time than usual right now, we’re definitely thinking it’s time to add some nail art.

#NailCall: Nail Art Galore
Your nail art skills were out in full force this week, with designs ranging from zig-zags, cheetah spots and flowers to outer space.

Awesome Nail Art Idea: The Cross Hatched Manicure
Our affection is strong for this manicure, with its straight lines over a sweetheart gradient!

Nail Designs: Learn How to Get “Happy Feet” Nails
There’s not much more wist-inducing than footprints on a beach, and though we may be stuck in the city, that doesn’t mean our nails have to be.

The Latest Trend in Nail Art: Cuticle Tattoos
Some things just don’t end. Taxes, rent/tuition increases, nail art—they may be the only things out of Karl’s control. Which brings us to cuticle tattoos.

How to Get Geometric Nail Art
When it comes to nail art, we’re always looking for a fun and lively pattern that is easy enough to do ourselves. That’s precisely why geometric prints have caught our eye

383x529 Nail Art: Everything You Need to Know for Gorgeous Nail Designs

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How to Do Water Marble Nail Art at Home
Intricate manis are pretty much the hottest accessory right now as celebs from Anne Hathaway to Rita Ora have stepped out on the red carpet baring enviably designed nails.

Nail Art TV Show in Development
Oxygen is developing a nail art competition show called “Nailed It!” which will pit the country’s top nail artists against each other to compete for a cash prize, and of course the title of “ultimate nail artist.”

Nail Art Ideas for Homecoming: 10 Looks to Inspire Your Mani
When Homecoming comes rolling around, we all know the first thing that is on our mind is what our nails are going to be wearing.

Demi Lovato Teams Up With The New Black for Nail Art Kits
The ever-busy Demi Lovato (who is currently guest-starring on “Glee,” a judge on “The X-Factor,” and also, well, a singer) is also getting into the beauty business.

The Best Nail Art From Paris Fashion Week
Take a look at the best nails from Paris Fashion Week above, and tell us which designs were your favorite.

Rebecca Minkoff - Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

Image via Rebecca Minkoff, SS 2014

8 Easy Nail Art Ideas
More often than not, we all run into the issue of Pinning entire boards of enviable nail art when it’s a miracle if we can just paint our nails without getting polish on our cuticles.

How to Get Under the Sea Nail Art
We’re constantly looking for inspiration for new nail art ideas finding patterns and designs in the strangest of places. For example, water bubbles!

Cracked Nail Art That You Can Totally Pull Off at Home
If you’re not so talented with nail polish but you’re still craving a fun design on your tips, this “cracked” manicure is for you!

6 Times to Wear Nail Art (And 4 Times You Never Should)
We’ll be the first to admit that we love any kind of design happening on nails, but we’ll also be the first to say that nail art isn’t always right for the occasion.

The One Thing: Butter London Backstage Nail Art Tool Kit
Butter LONDON created a nail art tool set complete with everything you need to make your tips extra fabulous at home!

705x440 Nail Art: Everything You Need to Know for Gorgeous Nail Designs

Image via Yes Hands

Mosaic Nail Art You Can DIY
This design looks complicated, and it does take some patience and a steady hand, but the end result will leave everyone speechless.

Learn How to Create This Chain Nail Art
If you’re looking for a way to fill the 50 Shades of Grey void after finishing the trilogy, this tutorial is for you.

How to Get Panda Nail Art
We had to ask one of our favorite nail artists, Miss Pop, to create an adorable nail art pattern with one of our favorite animals, pandas.

The Best Home Nail Art Kits
One of our favorite activities is perfecting the art of the perfect manicure. While we’re fans of heading to the salon and letting a professional work her magic, we’re also pretty excited about a DIY mani in front of the TV on weekends.

The 15 Best Nail Art Blogs
When it comes to nail art, we don’t mess around. Besides constantly being on the hunt for the latest nail polish collections, manicure trends and how-tos, we’ve also got a pretty serious amount of nail art blogs bookmarked.

Celebrity Nail Art on the Red Carpet
Something that we’ve come to love (and expect) from the red carpet are star-worthy manicures.

529x529 Nail Art: Everything You Need to Know for Gorgeous Nail Designs

Image via Trophy Wife Nail Art

15 Nail Designs We’ll Never Be Able to Do
While tutorials can sometimes be a world of help, when it comes to nail art, there’s a lot of room for improvement. With makeup, we can use our dominant hand to apply the entire look. With nails, though, we’ve only got our dominant hand half of the time.

Nail Designs We’re Coveting
Minx nails have been everywhere on the runways: and with good reason.

How to Get Negative Space Nails
This may not be the first time we’ve seen the negative space nail art trend, but we certainly hope it’s not the last.

The Best Fashion Week Manicures We’ve Seen
For the past few seasons, Fashion Week has been dominating the nails department.

The Best Matte Top Coats to Tone Down Textured Polish
We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but matte products are kind of big right now. And by “kind of big,” we mean “Starbucks ubiquitous.”

The Hologram Manicure: How to Nail This Look
Clearly, the ’90s are back in a big way, and this is no more apparent than in nail trends.

486x529 Nail Art: Everything You Need to Know for Gorgeous Nail Designs

Image via Disco Nail

What Your Nails Say About You
We rounded up 10 manicures and decoded what they mean, so you can officially learn what your nails say about you (and all of your friends).

How to Get Animal Print Nails
Trends are emerging in the nail art world this week more than usual, with nude nail polishes and animal print nail art running rampant on Instagram. Our feed was flooded with neon leopard prints and nude nails accented with glitter and 3D designs, making for some really exciting nail art.

The Right Way to Do an Ikat Manicure
From bright, bold polishes to nail art designs that would make anyone hit “Repin,” we’re excited for the manicures that we’ve seen lately.

Next Big Nail Trend: The More Texture, The Better
Nail art has become an obsession among the beauty world and beyond. With trends such as an accent nail, sleek designs, and nail stickers, the manicure empire continues to expand.

Get Trendy, Textured Manicure for Less
If you haven’t noticed, we’re obsessed with nail art. We’ve scoured the runways, award shows, Instagram, and Pinterest for the best of the best and to discover what the latest trends are.

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