15 Best Nail Art Blogs on the Internet

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15 Best Nail Art Blogs on the Internet
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When it comes to nail art, we don’t mess around. Besides constantly being on the hunt for the latest nail polish collections, manicure trends and how-tos, we’ve also got a pretty serious amount of nail art blogs bookmarked. Whether it’s inspiration for our next manicure or a review of a new kind of nail polish texture, a good nail art blog is an incredibly valuable tool.

If you’re a beginner looking for a simple polka dots how-to or you’re a professional who wants to recreate the looks from the runway on your tips, there’s a nail art blog out there that’s ideal for you. Miss Ladyfinger, Nailed It and The Nailasaurus have all made it onto our list, among many, many other envy-inducing manicurists. Take a look through our picks for the 15 best nail blogs online and get your fingers fired up for their next paint job. Already a nail art pro? Tweet us a picture of your nails to @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #NailCall for the chance to be featured on our site!

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We've rounded up the 15 best nail art blogs on the Internet!

Katrina's Nail Blog features manicures inspired by every day art (like a floral plate or song lyrics) and reviews nail polishes so you can learn which is best before you buy. 

Polish and Pearls gives step by step tutorials on nail art for beginners and professionals alike, always with a ladylike edge. 

Fleury Rose is a New York based manicurist whose work has been featured in Teen Vogue, Paper Magazine and on the runways at Fashion Week. For an in depth look at the woman who paints Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio's tips, take a look at her awe-inspiring blog. 

Miss Ladyfinger parlayed her knack for nails into a full time job by translating looks from the runway to her fingertips. 

Neverland Nail Blog gives picturesque tutorials on how to create lighthearted and fun nail art

Get Nailed will give you video instructions on how to use nail stampers, how to create the galaxy manicure everyone loves and much, much more. 

Nailed It has been seen on Glamour, BuzzFeed and Stylelist.com (to name a few) and with press like that, you know the nail art is top notch. 

Chalkboard Nails may sound like something that would make the hair on your arms stand straight up, but this nail art blog is the one time you'll enjoy nails on a chalkboard. For a review of every lacquer color and nail art trend out there, head to this blog. 

Copy That Copy Cat is an Australian based nail art blog that tests out the latest trends and nail products, all while providing tips along the way. 

The Daily Polish is a nail blog that, you guessed it, features new manicures every day. Anyone who paints their nails as often as once a day is well versed in what it takes to have some great tips. 

The Nailasaurus is based out of the United Kingdom, featuring nail art that's possible on a modest budget so you can get star-quality manicures for dollar store prices. 

Polish You Pretty indulges your inner nail artist by exploring the latest nail polish collections and trends to hit the beauty world. 

Boom Nails is based out of London and brings serious A-game to the nail art business. If you're a pro at painting your tips, here's where you should be getting your inspiration from. 

Hey, Nice Nails! comes from two manicurist sisters in California, bringing some West Coast flare to the hands of the blogosphere. 

Polish Art Addiction is a nice reminder that there are plenty of ladies out there who are just as obsessed with nail polish as we are. 

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