Must Try Salon Treatments For A Summer Treat


It’s always fun to treat yourself to a day at the spa or salon, but most of us, myself included, have jumped on the DIY bandwagon because it’s inexpensive and easy to do these types of routines in the privacy of your own home at whatever time you wish. BUT, it is nice to let yourself relax and just enjoy being pampered. Plus, there are some treatments that are offered that are best left to the experts.

Here are my spa and salon must try services and treatments:

Eyebrow Threading

Threading is an Indian beauty technique done to remove hair, commonly used for eyebrows. It has become popular in western countries and is available at many salons. Like waxing, the hair is pulled from the follicle, but removed with the ancient technique of a thin twisted thread. One salon to check out is the Himalayan Eyebrow Threading Salon in Midtown NYC. This salon isn’t fancy at all, but is inexpensive and is rated highly for their threading services.

Shellac Manicure

A shellac formula is not quite a typical gel but not the regular polish formula. It is kind of a combination giving you the best of both worlds – a longer thin gel like formula with a range of nail polish colors. The formula is applied to your nails which are then dried under UV lights in order to get their smooth glossy look. Note* UV rays are not good for you, even if it just your hands, so you may want to do this treatment only on occasion or apply sunscreen that protects against UV before going into the salon. The bonus of this treatment is that your manicure will last for 2 weeks without chipping! Check out CND’s list of shellac salons to find one near you!

Summer Oasis Pedicure

Jin Soon, the famed manicurist who has worked fashion week and numerous editorials and ad campaigns is also the owner of the Jin Soon Natural Hand & Foot Salon. The Summer Oasis Pedicure is one of the most desired pedicures to get during the Summer months! Your feet will feel cool and fresh as they soak in essential oils with cucumber and mint.

Oxygen Facial

This facial is perfect for city girls who are out and about all day – while we love being outside to get some sun, we are also picking up pollution. At Robin Evans Skincare, natural ingredients are used to improve cell-function as well as nourish, detoxify and re-meineralize! Your skin will feel refreshed and radiant.

Hot Stone Massage

Everyone likes massages. You are soothed and relaxed and whether you have any kind of muscle tension or not, massages just feel good. Hot stone massages are on a whole other level. The hot stones will soothe your muscles in ways differently than a regular massage can. At the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, their Desert Hot Stone Massage is a Swedish massage with the use of hot stones, to give you the ultimate relaxed massage experience.


One of the most beautiful forms of body art I have seen is henna. Henna is very popular in India where it is used for festivities and celebrations. There are different types of henna, some containing henna while some others actually use ingredients derived from other plants. Henna is a great form of body art because it is not permanent and the designs are so intricate and quite stunning. Henna is a bit harder to find here, due in part to the fact that it is not FDA approved ad because it is a skill to know how to apply henna properly, which is not as common in the US. One of the well-reviewed salons for henna is the Professional Threading Studio in the East Village. Definitely worth checking out!

Kerastase Pixelist Color Radiance Ritual

Many people strive for beautiful hair, and it’s not always as easy as we would like it to be. The Kerastase in-salon treatments have made it one step easier to get the right kind of treatment your hair needs. The Pixelist treatment works wonders for color treated hair. With the use of Ionium and Micro-Emulsified Fibrionic System, it seals in the color with hydrophobic protection and leaves your looking lustrous. If you don’t color your hair, there are still treatments for you! In addition to Color Radiance, Kerastase has in-salon rituals for rejuvenating, volumizing, nourishing, reconstructing, age resist, vitality replenishing, and scalp balancing – with this range of treatments you will be sure to find the answer to your hairs needs with Kerastase.

Brazil Bronze Sculpted Tan

We all know abut spray tans and have read reviews and tried out different salons etc etc… But the Sculpted Tan from Brazil Bronze is one to talk about. This spray tan leaves your body looking naturally enhanced and toned, and of course tan.

Feel free to share some of your favorite salon treatments in the comment box below!