Multicolored Womens Hair Styles, Would You Dye Your Hair Blue?


One of our favorite runway hotties, Karlie Kloss, gets downright dirty (literally) in Trash Couture photographed by Rafael Stahelin, an editorial shoot for Vogue Korea. The elements of couture mixed with street grunge set a new tone that’s interestingly amusing and fun to look at. Kloss is featured wearing Armani Prive and Chanel Haute Couture (how appropriate, right?) with long two-toned colored wavy locks that will mark a new trend among hipsters starting any day now…


Would you die your hair blue? In case you said yes, here is how to get the look:

First, choose a color that you desire–whether that be blue like Ashley Olsen’s or a more purple-ish hue a la Kloss. Remember to consider your skin tone, hairstyle, and personal style preferences. Two-toning your hair is not only a cool statement to make, but if you have thinning hair, it will actually give the appearance of thicker locks!

DIY colored tips or chunks procedure:

1. Apply the base color first, if desired.
2. Next, add the contrasting color that you choose to the desired locations, taking care not to stain the areas where the color is unwanted.
3. Let the color set for the appropriate amount of time.
4. Rinse and you’re good to go!

However, we do recommend going to a professional salon. The results will be more, well… professional!