Tuesday’s #NailCall: Multicolored Manicures That Scream Springtime

Victoria Moorhouse
Tuesday’s #NailCall: Multicolored Manicures That Scream Springtime
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Whether you’re indecisive by nature when it comes to picking a lacquer color or are just psyched to try out and paint on every pastel hue available this spring, multicolored manicures conveniently cater to either situation. Pairing multiple nail polish hues together can be as simple as painting polka dots over a clear coat or even using the multicolored palette to sketch or sponge on tiny pictures and prints. The intensity of the design is up to you, but as long as you grab at least three different shades, you’ve got the look that screams springtime down. When we turned to Instagram to check out the best of the best in nail art, we noticed that users combined several primary, pastel, and neon shades to create their looks. Check them out here and don’t forget to upload your mani pic with the hashtag #NailCall and tag @BeautyHigh for a chance to be featured in next week’s roundup.

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When you can't decide on one color, go for a rainbow of polka dots over a clear base coat like this look by @kitoffkilter.

Photo: Instagram: @kitoffkilter

@moonshinenails alternated painting with blue and metallic silver polish and sponged four different colors onto one nail on each hand for a cool accent.

Photo: Instagram: @moonshinenails

Using a criss-cross plaid design and neon studs from Forever21, @nananailpolish crafted a springtime look with a range of seasonal hues.

Photo: Instagram: nananailpolish

@argarutti painted on tiny flowers over purple nail polish and seamlessly blended the same hues on the other nails for a watercolor-like look.

Photo: Instagram: @argarutti

Shiny gemstone studs really pop when placed on a solid white base coat. We love this look from @nailartbysig.

Photo: Instagram: @nailartbysig

Tiny dots and negative space are two trends we're totally welcoming this spring. Combine both into one mani like @blondeinmtl.

Photo: Instagram: @blondeinmtl

If you love glitter and can't decide on a bright spring color, this look by @nananailpolish is your gold-mine.

Photo: Instagram: @nananailpolish

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