Mullets Are Back In Fashion According to the NY Times

Leah Bourne
453138529 Mullets Are Back In Fashion According to the NY Times

Edie Campbell sporting the modern mullet. Photo: Getty.

Think of serious fashion faux pas and mullets probably make the cut (no pun intended), which is why you might be surprised to learn that the much maligned hairstyle is actually having a serious moment—fully cemented by a recent New York Times trend piece hailing it the big hair trend for fall.

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Their reasoning? Short hair was all the rage this spring and summer, and women have now tired of it and want to grow it out. OK, we’ll buy into that. Second point—mullets have Instagram accounts and even a signature catchphrase: “mulletmazing.” The kicker? The hairstyle got the Marc Jacobs stamp of approval when stylist Guido Palau gave each model in Jacobs’ fall 2013 runway show a mullet-like wig. The style was then repeated in that season’s ad campaign, leading everyone from model Lindsey Wixson to Edie Campbell to embrace the mullet in their every day life.

Before you get in a tizzy over the prospect of having to style your hair like a member of a bad 1980s hair band, think references like Rod Stewart, Patti Smith, and Joan Jett, before heading to the salon for an overhaul.

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Take it from stylist to the stars Sally Hershberger who told The Times: “I much prefer a mullet over a bob…It feels current and edgy and sexy, and it’s extreme, which I like. The longer hair in back makes short hair look sexy rather than strict.”

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