MTV’s ‘Skins’ Causes Controversy, But Showcases Hot Makeup

Rachel Adler

Skins, the latest British import that has been quite the hot topic for MTV since its first episode, showcases teens being, well, teens. Struggling with the complications of relationships (both platonic and romantic), school, parents, drugs and just plain growing up – the show walks a very thin line between television and being too real. Amidst a realm of controversy (MTV execs are already concerned about possible child pornography talk in coming episodes, as the actors are as young as 15), Skins has certainly garnered some true fans, and one thing is for certain – the makeup is killer. Below are our favorite cast members looks – and watch the show (Mondays at 10 p.m.) to judge for yourselves if it’s too risque.

110720 1295803763 MTVs Skins Causes Controversy, But Showcases Hot Makeup

Sofia Black – D’Elia, better known as Tea, a certified “bad” girl on the show, has a signature cat eye that would make any high school girl jealous.

110721 1295804050 MTVs Skins Causes Controversy, But Showcases Hot Makeup

Rachel Thevenard, who plays Michelle on the show, certainly knows how to rock black eyeliner and a pink lip – something that more students (and non-students alike) should embrace.

110722 1295804720 MTVs Skins Causes Controversy, But Showcases Hot Makeup

Britne Oldred, starring as Catie, has beyond perfect spiral curls that I simply just want. Her pretty natural makeup look is completed with pink lips and bronze shadow, giving her just the right amount of color.

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