MTV Movie Awards: The Best And Worst In Beauty

Rachel Adler

The MTV Movie Awards have become well-known for their antics over the years, from the reenactments of the winners of the “Best Kiss” award (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams will always be the winners in my heart) to the sometimes wacky looks on the red carpet. This year was no different of course, with some flawless looks on the carpet, and then some well, not so flawless ones.

We saw plenty of of bold lips this year, from red to orange to pink, and a variety of different hairstyles. This award show is a bit more casual, so many of the attendees chose to do a beachy wave or loose sideswept curl, but there were a few top knots and disheveled updos thrown in. What really threw me for a loop though was when Paris Hilton decided to pull out her makeup compact and check to make sure that everything was still how she wanted it, as the photographers were snapping her picture. Why was she there anyway? Oh, Paris…

Click through the slideshow above to see the full list of the best looks of the night, and the worst of course, and let us know who you think looked the best in the comments section below!