11 #Fitspo Stars Who Will Motivate You to Hit the Gym

11 #Fitspo Stars Who Will Motivate You to Hit the Gym
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Instagram is fantastic for a great number of things, including keeping tabs on the celebrity set, new outfit ideas, and staying in touch with friends. Best of all, Instagram is a tool that can provide motivation to lose weight, get fit, and overall lead a healthier lifestyle—if you’re following the right people.

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The digital world of #fitspo can be a bit of a scary place, and not everything you find under the hashtag is in any way healthy or inspiring. However, there are a handful of incredible, kick-ass women sharing their workout advice and tips for a healthy, balanced life—and you need to be following them.

We rounded up 11 of our favorite fitness and health Instagram accounts, so you all you have to do is hit follow—and then hit the gym.

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These fit sisters and gym owners post professional pictures of their incredible bodies, practical fitness advice, and plenty of feel-good quotes that will get you moving.

Followers: 116,000
New York resident Hannah Bronfman works hard for her healthy bod' and documents the journey for thousands of Instagram followers. She travels the globe, trying everything from kickboxing to dancing, and will inspire you to try something new (and healthy!) for yourself.

Misty Copeland might just be Instagram's coolest ballerina. She's a soloist with the American Ballet Theatre and likes to keep fans updated with her training program and her ass-kicking attitude to exercise.

Bianca Cheah is a fitness blogger and model (couldn't you tell?) hailing from the beaches of Sydney, Australia. Aside from being incredibly genetically blessed, Bianca is all about healthy eating, yoga, cute workout clothes and loves to share insights into new health and fitness trends.

Allison Felix is an American track and field star, so you can imagine how intense this lady's workout schedule is. The fitspo is broken up with pictures of her dog, Chloe, who might just be the cutest creature on the internet.

Amanda Bisk is a bona fide yogi, living the ultimate fitspo lifestyle. She's a former professional pole vaulter, and is also a trained exercise physiologist. Her photos will make you want to take up yoga, and her captions will tell you how.

A Swedish fitness blogger in London, Fashion on Toast is the best place to go for tips on keeping active while travelling--this girl's never sitting still. Following her account will also fill your feed with healthy eating and training tips, as well as cute activewear outfit ideas.

Mary Helen Bowers is a professional ballerina, fitness expert, and the entrepreneur behind online workout website, Ballet Beautiful. Her photos are stunning and will make you curse the day you gave up ballet classes as a kid.

Kate Kendall lives and breathes yoga, and runs a successful studio in Australia. She also has a channel on YouTube, so you can actually learn how to replicate those bendy poses she posts to Instagram.

Followers: 1,100,000
Rachel Brathen 
is a fitness blogger and yogi with a following that would rival many A-list celebrities. Rachel is all about feel-good fitness, and regularly shares photos of hard-to-do poses, accompanied by a caption that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Followers: 1,900,000
Kayla is the creator of an ebook workout program that her followers swear by. This Instagram is filled with clients' before and after pictures, as well as snaps of Kayla's killer fit physique. The results really are incredible, and the comparison photos would be enough to get any lazy girl off the couch and into the gym.

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