Surprise! This is The Most-Popular Nail Polish on Pinterest

Surprise! This is The Most-Popular Nail Polish on Pinterest
Photo: ImaxTree

Weirdly, buying nail polish can be a little overwhelming. It seems like such a throwaway purchase—“hey, I’ll just pick up a basic nude, or something purple-ish”—until you reach the racks and racks of polish in the drugstore and realize “nude” is a loose term for approximately 53 off-white shades, and “purple” encompasses every blue- and red-hued polish to ever exist. Basically, if you’re like us, you want someone to tell you which polish to buy, and guarantee that it’ll look good on you. And today, we finally can.

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Well, sort of (hey, there are a zillion skin-tone shades, so we can only do so much). Because Pinterest just announced that its most-shared nail polish in the history of all things Pinterest (which is long, deep, and colorful) is Essie’s Topless & Barefoot, an incredibly soft, subtle, mink-ish pink that somehow looks good on almost every skin tone.

essie topless barefoot Surprise! This is The Most Popular Nail Polish on Pinterest

Photo: Essie

On our fair-skin tester, the opaque nude had just enough grey to stand out crisply and cleanly, while two coats on the nails of our medium-to-dark-skin testers read as a pink-tinged white. Our one note: If you want a super-opaque look, you’ll need to apply at least two generous coats of polish, or your nail will peek through a bit, which could be problematic for anyone with darker nail beds.

Still, we have to assume that everyone and their brother loves this polish for a reason, considering its popularity has increased 765-percent since last year, according to Pinterest. We know, we know—it’s more fun being a trendsetter than following a trend, but do you really want to get stuck standing in the drugstore polish aisle for another 15 minutes this weekend? Yeah, exactly. Happy painting!

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