Linda Evangelista Isn’t Even the Coolest Thing About Jeremy Scott’s New Moschino Scent

Rachel Krause

Jeremy Scott, the mad genius creative director and designer behind Moschino, has a way of taking things we didn’t know we wanted and turning them into must-haves. To wit: phone cases shaped like food, Barbie-inspired crop tops, and most recently, Windex bottles.

Pause. It’s not the actual Windex that we want, but rather the Windex-themed products that Scott has put his singular twist on. A T-shirt dress, a backpack, a $95 iPhone case that sold out almost immediately following his Spring 2016 show—if we can’t have those, whether it’s because they’re out of our price range or because they were snatched up within seconds of their release, at least we can have the Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette, which Scott announced today on Instagram with a strange and stunning ad starring Linda Evangelista.

The fragrance is packaged in what else but the suddenly covetable Windex-like bottle that somehow evaded copyright infringement notice, and it will reportedly feature not a chemical scent but an intense woody floral that sounds right in our wheelhouse. We’d be tempted to use the eau de toilette in true “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” form—as in, using it as a panacea for just about everything, from injuries to mouthwash—but we have a feeling that might start to get a little expensive.

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