Moroccanoil Launches Candle, More Products We Want In Candle Form

Rachel Adler
Moroccanoil Launches Candle, More Products We Want In Candle Form
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The cult beauty brand Moroccanoil has always been known for it’s luxurious hair care products, that not only make styling your hair effortless but also care for your hair at the same time – giving those strands of yours some much needed TLC at all hours of the day. The brand has also always been known for it’s absolutely divine fragrance – a light and powdery scent that makes you almost want to bathe in the products. Knowing this, Moroccanoil has launched a candle so that you can fill your home with the scent that you love – which, of course, got us thinking.

If you could, which other favorite products would you turn into candles? We rattled off a choice few from the tops of our heads  – scroll through the slideshow above and let us know which ones you would add to the list!

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We're hoping that these brands will follow in Moroccanoil's footsteps and create candles based on the scents we've loved for years! 

The Moroccanoil candle smells just like the brand's products, and is simple and chic.

We'd also love a candle made out of our favorite Herbal Essences shampoos, you know the iconic floral scents of the '90s, that you basically wanted to inhale? Yep, those.

We've been dying for a Schick Intuition candle (specifically, the pomegranate razor scent) for years. It's not weird that we sniff our razor, right?

This is a relatively new obsession to your candle wish list, but Korres' Yoghurt Lip Cooler smells so good you could eat it.

We all love Oribe's dry shampoo for what it does to our hair, but we also love the way it makes it smell. How about a whole room that smelled like it?

Clean & Clear Morning Burst in Pink Grapefruit. Our face likes to wake up to it, so why not wake our whole body up to it too?

We're not sure why all of the Philosophy fragrances haven't been made into candles at this point, because they're heavenly. Our first pick would have to be Raspberry Sorbet.

While we love to nourish our hair with Shu Uemura's Essence Absolue, we also like to sit and smell our hair afterwards – which is a little strange, we know. A candle of the scent seems to be a much better deal, all around, don't you think?

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