Morning-After Makeup

Megan Segura

Okay ladies, you might have been in this situation before: after a long, hot and steamy night you wake up not having washed your face – and maybe even being at someone else’s place. Here is a quick way to get a little refreshed in a flash before doing the walk of shame.
You should always keep a travel size of your favorite moisturizer, a Q-Tip, stick of spearmint gum, powder compact and a little pink lipgloss in your purse for emergencies like this. These few items are all you need to pull yourself together fast and at least make a pretty exit.

Go into the bathroom with your bag and lightly splash your face with a little cold water. Then, apply the moisturizer to your skin and use any remaining residue on your fingers to smooth through your hair to tame the frizzies. Next, grab the Q-Tip and use one end to smooth out any mascara or eyeliner that has smudged under your eyes. Dip the other end into your powder compact and lightly tap it on any red spots or blemishes. Now, dab a little lipgloss on the apples of your cheeks for a slight glow and sweep a bit on your lips for a bit of moisture. Finally, pop the gum in your mouth and voila! Fresh as a daisy!

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