Monoi Monday: Healthy Hair Mission Accomplished

Lauren Le Vine
carol daughter monoi cassie Monoi Monday: Healthy Hair Mission Accomplished

After three weeks of using the new Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Collection, I’m happy to say that my hair is officially healed! Gone are the flyaways, static and dryness and instead my hair looks as sleek and smooth as Cassie‘s here.

Since I was so happy with my overall results from the line, I had to ask Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price more about the products and why they are so effective. Read on for my Q&A with her!

What specifically made you think of Monoi oil for the hair?
“I’ve always been in love with flowers. A while back, I read about a sacred, ancient Polynesian ritual using my most favorite flower, gardenias. The story intrigued me, and since I’ve always loved gardenia, I knew I wanted to create something with this powerful ingredient. More and more consumers have been writing to my team and me about their growing hair care needs–women with tight coils, loose waves, frizzy hair, damaged braids and locks, trouble growing hair with weaves–I’ve heard all of the cries from our fans, so I had to react.”

Can you tell us why the Monoi collection manages to work so well on all hair types?
“Monoi is a hair care system that works to repair damage caused by environmental aggressors, chemical damage and heat-styling. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have–everyone has damaged his or her hair.”

Once someone’s hair has been repaired, should they continue using the collection on a weekly basis or can they ease up on the routine?
“You’ll want to continue using the shampoo and conditioner to maintain your hair’s strength. I recommend that once you’ve seen a difference in the state of your hair, you start doing the mask just once a week. The collection will help you prevent damage so that your hair can grow strong, giving you the freedom to style it as you please!”

What are some other suggestions for how to keep hair looking its best?
“I recommend pacing out any chemical procedures and heat-styling. Just like you would rest your body after strenuous exercise, you’ll want to do the same for your hair. When you take the time to restore moisture, repair damage and prevent future damage, you will have more resilience to style as you please.”

What are your suggestions for styling products to pair with this regimen?
“What’s great about this line is even though it harnesses the power of an oil, it moisturizes and hydrates without leaving behind any residue, which means you can have major volume and movement immediately after styling. Feel free to use whatever you typically use to style. Our Macadamia heat styling products are my favorites at helping to prevent future damage while heat-styling.”