Molly Sims Shares a Page from Her Food and Fitness Diary

Molly-Sims-food-and-fitness-diary 2Photo: Getty Images

After years of working in the fashion and entertainment business, model, actress, and mom Molly Sims has nailed down a pretty specific—and effective—food and fitness routine. She swears by high-protein snacks (almonds), rebels against the soy-everything food trend, and avoids gluten as much as possible. When it comes to working up a sweat, Sims turns to high-intensity circuit training, working with her trainers to sculpt the body that made your jaw drop in those Sports Illustrated swimwear shoots.

Sims also gave birth to her second child, a girl, in March this year, and has physically bounced back in the way only supermodels (read: superhumans) can. Ahead, she shared a peek inside her food and fitness diary, so keep scrolling to find out exactly how Sims works out and what she eats.

For breakfast I had:
Brown rice toast with strawberry jam. I try to stay away from gluten as often as possible, and rice bread is a great option.

For lunch I had:

Mountain Bread wrap with turkey and hummus. Mountain Bread is a company that has super-healthy prepackaged sandwiches and wraps that are easy to eat on the go. I buy mine at Whole Foods.

For dinner I had:
A plate of chicken and black lentils with a kale salad on the side. I’ve been super into making my own dressings and whipped up a great jalapeño vinaigrette that I’ve been putting on everything.

Today I snacked on:
Almonds. They’re always my go-to snack! They keep me full and energized throughout my day.

The one thing I would never eat is:
Black licorice. It’s probably my least favorite thing in the entire world.

My all-time-favorite workout is:
Circuit training. My trainer Nicole Humphries from Body By Simone got me into it, and it always makes me feel my strongest and most confident. My trainer at Tracy Anderson Method, Maddie James, also does a lot of circuit training with me.

The next big health and fitness trend will be:
High-intensity and circuit-training workouts. They will literally kick your butt into gear and really, really work. I love the glow of my skin after I have a good sweat session.

The health trend I just can’t get behind is:
Soy. Soy everything.

My favorite healthy restaurant is:
A Votre Sante in Los Angeles. I’m literally OB-SESSED. I love their kale and quinoa chopped salad.

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Some of my favorite fitness blogs and websites to follow include:
Well + Good and The Chalkboard Mag.

My favorite Instagram accounts are:
The Fat Jewish, of course. He is probably one of the funniest accounts out there. I also love Girl With No Job; she’s like the girl version of him. For my style inspiration, I love following Le Catch and My Domaine. My stylists, Rob + Mariel (@marielwashere and @robzangardi), also have great Instagram accounts.

The three ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are:
Just three?! I have a lot of what I like to call my kitchen staples. I try to make recipes as healthy as possible, and that means I substitute ingredients a lot. You’ll always find coconut sugar, pink Himalayan salt, and Trocomare (a salt infused with organic herbs and veggies) in my kitchen.

My signature healthy dish is:
Turkey tacos. If I’m ever feeling uninspired in the kitchen, this is always my go-to recipe for my family. It’s healthy and easy after a chaotic workday.

The health app I couldn’t live without:
My Fitness Pal. This app counts your calories and has a database of virtually any food out there. It definitely keeps me accountable and can also be synced with my fitness tracker.

The top three songs on my workout playlist right now are:
“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys, and “Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt.

The best part of my job is:
Being able to work from home. When I’m not traveling, I’m able to write and work on my lifestyle blog at my kitchen table. I love being able to be around my babies as much as possible.

I start an average day by:
I drink a glass of warm water with lemon every morning as soon as I wake up to jumpstart my lymphatic system. I also try to drink one green juice a day—normally in the morning.

My favorite activewear brands are:
I love Under Armour right now—they have the cutest line this season! I love their yoga pants.